Virtual Tour to HIT

Description: This work is done by GIS Group of 2017 and 2018 batch, Department of Civil Engineering, HIT. Every point in this model is measured and true to scale. The entire structure is imposed on GIS customized Digital Elevation Model measured from EDM and visualized as interpolated surface. Sincere acknowledgement goes to our Institute Management and Mr. N.K.Yadav, HoD, Dept. of Civil Engineering, HIT. For all necessary support and infrastructure. Special thanks to Mr. Akhilesh Kumar, JRF, Dept. of CE, HIT for his valuable assistance.


1.Dr. Abhisek Santra, Associate Prof., Dept. of CE, HIT

2. Dr. Shreyashi Santra Mitra, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CE, HIT

3. Mr. Apurba Lal Maity, Instructor,  Dept. of CE, HIT

Team Leaders: ABHISHEK KUMAR (10301314008), SHIDHARTH ROUTH (10301313097) and SHASHI KISHORE(10301313096)

Team Members:  PRANAV KUMAR(10301313073) , RISHAV KARAN(10301313087), ROSHAN CHOUDHARY(10301314087), ABHISHEK KUMAR(10301314009), SANJEEV KUMAR(10301314090), RAHUL MAJI(10301314080), CHANDAN KUMAR(10301314026), SHUBHAM(10301314100), ABHIJIT BOXI(10301314003), RANDHIR KUMAR(10301314084),BRAJESH KUMAR(10301314025), SWETA KUMARI(10301314115), AANETA PAUL(10301314001), JAGADISH MANNA(10301314044), SANWAY JANA(10301314091), HRIDDHI SAMADDAR(10301314041), INDRANI MAITY(10301314042), SASWATA BAG(10301314092),SOUMIK ADHIKARY(10301315139)

Video Compilation By : RAHUL MAJI(10301314080), ABHISHEK KUMAR (10301314008)