Research of PE Dept.


The Research arenas of the Faculty members do include :

  • Materials Selection and Strategy.
  • Robotics and Systems Design.
  • Optimization and Soft Computing.
  • CAD and CAE.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Operation Management and MCDM.
  • Ergonomics.


Project Title Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount Duration PI/CoPI
“Development of a Sensor Integrated Multi Fingered Dexterous Robot Hand Data Glove Interface”
Sanction letter (letter no. 2009/36/116-BRNS dt. 10 May 2010).
In Collaboration with IIEST, Shibpur
67 Lacs 2011-2015 Co-PI:
Dr. Bikash Bepari


Sl no. Name of the faculty member Title of the Thesis University Date of Registration Name of the Supervisor (s)
1. Mr. S. Bhattacharyya Design Development and control of a Compliant Micro Gripper IIEST, Shibpur 02/08/12 Prof. B. Bepari.
2. Mr. R. Chattaraj Design Development and control of an anthropomorphic hand under Tele-operation IIEST, Shibpur 13/08/13 Prof. B. Bepari.
3. Mr. S. Danda Ergonomic Postural Evaluation of Electric Engine Drivers JU 27/02/15 Prof. B. Bepari.