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Department of Electrical Engineering
(Under the School ofEngineering)

Name of Dean : Prof.(Dr.)Tarun Kanti Jana

Head Of The Department Prof.(Dr.)Dilip Kumar Dey
Phone +91 94341 60213
E-mail dilip_de@rediffmail.com

Courses Offered

Course Seats Duration
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 120 4 Years

The Department of Electrical Engineering has been offering undergraduate course in Electrical Engineering since 2002. Within a very short span of time, the department has created an excellent learning environment with dedicated young faculty members, technical staff, excellent laboratories and innovative academic processes. In order to perform the complex functions in modern applications of Electrical Engineering, the department has a well combination of hardware and software facilities.


The primary mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to produce quality human resource with capacity to serve the fraternity in a wide variety of roles including science, engineering, teaching, research, entrepreneurship and management. Putting emphasis on areas such as communication skills, professional and ethical responsibility, lifelong learning and contemporary issues to complement the technical aspects of the engineering course. To ensure combination of engineering and complementary course works in the curriculum so that Electrical Engineering graduates are well-rounded, able to work effectively in team settings and able to adapt to different work environments.


To be a front runner in Electrical Engineering education, research and profession and will facilitate the growth of Electrical Engineering graduates with dynamic capabilities of accepting new challenges

Core Committee

  1. Prof Dilip Dey, Convenor
  2. T. K. Jana, Dean
  3. Sandip Ojha, Member
  4. Goutam Das, Member
  5. Subhasis Sarkar, Member
  6. Nibedita Ghosh, Member
  7. Nayan Manna, Member
  8. Debesh Panda, Member

Purchase Committee

  1. Subhasis Sarkar, Convenor
  2. Dilip Dey, Member
  3. Sandip Ojha , Member
  4. Goutam Das, Member
  5. Anup Sahoo, Member

Cultural Committee

  1. Miss Alpana Barman, Convenor
  2. Miss Piya Roy, Member
  3. Mithun Manna, Member
  4. Utapl Kumar Maity, Member

Library Committee

  1. Souvik Moullik , Member
  2. Nayan Manna , Member
  3. Debabrata Barman , Member
  4. Anisur Rahaman , Member

Sports Committee

  1. Sourav kumar Das, Convenor
  2. Goutam Das , Member
  3. Mithun Manna , Member
  4. Sandip Jana , Member