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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

(Under the School of Electronics, Computer Science and Informatics)

Name of the Dean :

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Head of The Department Dr. Chanchal Kumar De
Phone: +919434392120
E-mail: chanchalkumarde@gmail.com

Courses Offered

Course Seats Duration
B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engg. 120 4 Years
M.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engg. (Specialization in Micro Electronics & VLSI Design) 18 2 Years


To produce dynamic human resources of global standards by imparting quality teaching, carrying out research and technology development in the emerging areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering.


  • To produce electronics and communication engineers having strong theoretical foundation, good design experience and exposure to research and technology development in frontier areas of electronics and communication engineering.
  • To create competent professionals who can work as an individual or in a group with effective communication and leadership skills meeting the requirements of multi-cultural global environments.
  • To help the student becomes a successful and responsible engineer for the betterment of mankind by inculcating social and ethical values in professional engineering programme.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) of Department of Electronics and Communication engineering

After the completion of the program, the students will have the ability to:

 PSO-1: Apply basic knowledge related to Electronic Circuits, Embedded & Communication Systems and Signal Processing to solve engineering/ societal problems in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

  • PSO-2: Design, Verify and Validate electronic functional elements for a variety of applications, with skills to analyze, interpret and communicate results to meet desired needs.
  • PSO-3:Recognize contemporary issues and adapt to technical developments and to engage in lifelong learning and develop consciousness for professional, social, legal and ethical responsibilities.
  • PSO-4:Use Engineering and Management concepts to analyze specifications and prototype electronic experiments/ projects either independently or in teams so as to attain a common specific goal.


Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) of Department of Electronics and Communication engineering

  • PEO-1: To equip graduates with a strong foundation in engineering sciences and Electronics & Communication Engineering fundamentals to become effective collaborators, researchers and real-time problem solver with technical competencies.
  • PEO-2: To provide exposure to emerging technologies, adequate training and opportunities to work as teams on multi-disciplinary projects with effective communication skills and leadership qualities meeting the requirements of companies in India and abroad.
  • PEO-3: To prepare graduates to become successful and responsible engineer with social and ethical values in professional engineering practices.