From the Desk of Chairman

There is no yardstick to measure a society’s growth other than making a qualitative assessment of its multidimensional activities. Education, being one of the most important areas of social activities which can be studied, analyzed and visualized to have a feeling about how a society has been performing. It is needless to mention here that in today’s fast moving world, technical education has taken a large share of the entire education sector and all of us knowingly or unknowingly, are part of this system which is undergoing radical changes.

We, at Haldia Institute of Technology, are making our earnest and humble attempt to cope up with this trend. Having started our journey in 1996, it has been our constant endeavor to upgrade, modify and improve upon our standards to match the country’s need.

Our guiding principle is constant change, motivation and up-gradation, creating state-of-the art knowledge infrastructure for our student, instilling in them the ability to learn so that they can face any challenge any where in the world. We sincerely feel that education should build character, sharpen the intellect and encourage free thinking. The idea is not to give the students just an assembly line degree but to sculpt the young minds into giants in knowledge with upright character and unwavering ethics, possessing a firm resolution to shape the future.

Our sincere efforts have shown results. Today, Haldia Institute of Technology has become an icon of technical education in this part of the country. The institute not only symbolizes quality education, it has set the bench mark of education ambience. Its infrastructure, its tranquil greenery, its teacher-student relation, its teaching quality, its laboratories, its research projects, its plight to uplift the socioeconomically challenged students, its community services, its flora and fauna and above all its ethical values are being considered as ‘targeted standard’ in the society.

I am grateful to all our patrons, well-wishers and guardians for what we are today. Your patronage, your support, your love, your criticism, your sympathy, your guidance and your selfless cooperation have made our dream come true-our institute has become an ideal center for learning. We are yet to travel a long way and I am sure that you will be with us in our journey to excellence.

I am privileged to express my heart felt satisfaction over the publication of this prospectus for the Academics year 2013-2014. I believe you would be able to get a glimpse of our activities in this brochure. We look forward to a relationship where the learning quotient rises above the mere imparting of Academics knowledge to the education with excellent, attitudes, values, morals and skills for the good of humanity.

Dr. Lakshman Chandra Seth
Chairman, HIT