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Sponsored Research Projects:

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Study of Triboloigical Behaviour of Electroless Nickel Alloy and Poly-Alloy Coatings

Principal Inestigator:

Dr.Supriyp Roy

Co-Principal Investigator:

Dr.Goutam Kumar Bose

CSIR-HRDG, Govt. of India

Rs. 10.19 Lakh

(1st year)

36 months

Events conducted:

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Workshop on E-Kart Dynamics and Manufacturing

14-18 November’2019


9-11 September’2019

Recent Publications:

Journal and conference:

1. Chakraborty, S., Jana, T. K., and Paul, S. (2019). On the application of multi criteria decision making technique for multi-response optimization of metal cutting process. Intelligent Decision Technologies, (Preprint), 1-15.

2. Mukhopadhyay, P., Biswas, D., Sarkar, B. R., Doloi, B., and Bhattacharyya, B. (2019). Influence of Al Powder on Circularity During Micro-Electro-Discharge Machining of Monel K-500. International Journal of Materials Forming and Machining Processes (IJMFMP), 6(2), 15-30.

3. Bera, A. K., Jana, D. K., Banerjee, D., andNandy, T. (2019). Supplier selection using extended IT2 fuzzy TOPSIS and IT2 fuzzy MOORA considering subjective and objective factors. Soft Computing, 1-17.

4. Bera, A. K., Jana, D. K., Banerjee, D., andNandy, T. (2019). Multiple-criteria fuzzy group decision-making with multi-choice goal programming for supplier selection: A case study. Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, 1950029.

5. Bera, A. K., & Jana, D. K. (2019). A multiple-criteria decision analysis for criticality of boiler tube failures in interval type-2 fuzzy environment. International Journal of Operational Research, 36(2), 209-231.

6. Bose, G.K. and Pain, P. (2018). Metaheuristic approach of multi-objective optimization during EDM process. International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences, 3(3), 301-314.

7. Hazari, A. Das, D. and Pain, P. (2018). Optimization of control parameter in abrasive water jet machining (AWJM) by using Taguchi methodology on aluminium 6351. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, 5(4), 3327-3329.

8. Mishra, K., Mukhopadhyay, P., Sarkar, B.R.,Doloi, B. and Bhattacharyya, B. (2018). Improvement of micro-EDM performances with aid of vibration. International Journal of Precision Technology, 8(1), 38-65.

Book chapters:

1. Bhukta, M. K., Bose, G. K., &Debnath, K. (2019). Study of Turbulent Plane Circular Jet for Modulation of Recirculation Zone Behind a Cubical Obstruction. In Advanced Applications in Manufacturing Enginering (pp. 231-249). Woodhead Publishing.

2. Bose, G. K., Pain, P., & Roy, S. (2019). Bio-Inspired Meta-Heuristic Multi-Objective Optimization of EDM Process. In Optimizing Current Strategies and Applications in Industrial Engineering (pp. 305-319). IGI Global.

3. Pain, P., & Bose, G. K. (2019). Multi-Objective Optimization of ECG Process Applying Soft Computing Techniques. In Advanced Fuzzy Logic Approaches in Engineering Science (pp. 68-98). IGI Global.

4. Bose, G.K. and Pain, P. (2018). Nature-inspired metaheuristic approach for multi-objective optimization during WEDM process. In Soft Computing Techniques and Applications in Mechanical Engineering (pp. 91-122). IGI Global.


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