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May 15, 2011

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July 01, 2011

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August 01, 2011

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August 05, 2011

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October 19-22, 2011


[Paper Id:17]

Paper Title: An ID-based proxy multi signature scheme

Authors: Namita Tiwari and Sahadeo Padhye

[Paper Id:30]

Paper Title: Reversible Watermarking Using Priority Embedding through Repeated Application of Integer Wavelet Transform

Authors: Sambaran Bandyopadhyay, Ruchira Naskar and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty

[Paper Id:31]

Paper Title: Distributed Signcryption Schemes with Formal Proof of Security

Authors: Indivar Gupta and P K Saxena

[Paper Id:44]

Paper Title: “Rank Correction”: A New Side-Channel Approach For Secret Key Recovery

Authors: Maxime Nassar, Youssef Souissi, Jean-Luc Danger and Sylvain Guilley

[Paper Id:51]

Paper Title: Model Based Hybrid Approach To Prevent SQL injection Attacks in PHP

Authors: Kunal Sadalkar and Radhesh Mohandas

[Paper Id:72]

Paper Title: Identity Based Online/Offline Encryption and Signcryption Schemes Revisited

Authors: Sharmila Deva Selvi S, Sree Vivek S and Chandrasekaran Pandurangan

[Paper Id:79]

Paper Title: Access Policy Based Key Management in Multi-Level Multi-Distributor DRM Architecture

Authors: Ratna Dutta, Sourav Mukhopadhyay and Dheerendra Mishra

[Paper Id:91]

Paper Title: Generalized Avalanche Test for Stream Cipher Analysis

Authors: P R Mishra, Indivar Gupta and N R Pillai

[Paper Id:92]

Paper Title: Security of Prime Field Pairing Cryptoprocessor Against Differential Power Attack

Authors: Santosh Ghosh and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury

[Paper Id:98]

Paper Title: Access Polynomial Based Self-Healing Key Distribution with Improved Security and Performance

Author: Ratna Dutta

[Paper Id:102]

Paper Title: On Applications of Singular Matrices over Finite Fields in Cryptography

Authors: Dhirendra Yadav, Rajendra Sharma and Wagish Shukla

[Paper Id:112]

Paper Title: Embedded Software Security through Key-based Control Flow Obfuscation

Authors: Rajat Subhra Chakraborty, Seetharam Narasimhan and Swarup Bhunia

[Paper Id:114]

Paper Title: A Cache Trace Attack on CAMELLIA

Authors: Rishabh Poddar, Amit Datta and Chester Rebeiro

[Paper Id:116]

Paper Title: An Improvement of Linearization-based Algebraic Attacks

Authors: Satrajit Ghosh and Abhijit Das