Sudipta Bardhan

Designation : Assistant Professor

Phone No. : (03224) 252900 Ext. 220
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Department of Instrumentation & Control Engg., Haldia Institute of Technology, ICARE Complex, Hatiberia, Haldia, PIN-721657.


M.Tech. in Micro-electronics Technology & VLSI Design from Jadavpur University


Analog Electronics, Data Communication & Telemetry, Analytical Instrumentation etc.

Other Skills

Microsoft productivity software (Word, Excel, etc), Windows, Assembly Language (8085, 8086), VHDL,VERILOG A, MATLAB 7.9 ,CADENCE IC615, TANNER 13, XILING, ANSYS.

  • 4 years experienced in Bakura Unnayani Institute of Engineering as a Lecturer.
  • 6 years experienced in Haldia Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor.


Course Taught

Odd Semester 2015-16

Analog Electronics

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Data Communication & Telemetry

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Even Semester 2015-16

Analytical Instrumentation

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Basic Electronics      Course Home
Areas of Research

Nanoscale Transistor Modeling and its application in VLSI circuit.


 [1] Sudipta Bardhan, Manodipan Sahoo, Hafizur Rahaman, “Analytical Drain Current Model for Graphene Metal-Oxide semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor ” IEEE EICT, KUET, Bangladesh, December, 2015.

 [2] Sudipta Bardhan, Manodipan Sahoo, Hafizur Rahaman, “Analytical Study of BTE Based Multilayer GFET Model’’ IEEE  MICROCOM, NIT, Durgapur 2016 .

                                      [3] Sudipta Bardhan, Manodipan Sahoo, Hafizur Rahaman, “A Verilog-A based Semiclassical Model for Dual   Gated Graphene Field-Effect Transistor”, IEEE ICDCS 2016 Karunya University,Coimbetore, Tamilnadu.


[4] Sudipta Bardhan, Hafizur Rahaman, “Analysis of Design Oriented Compact Model of

       Zigzag Semiconducting CNTFET”,   IEEE ICECI 2014.


[5] Sudipta Bardhan, Hafizur Rahaman, “Modeling and Performance analysis of GFET ”,

      ICONN 2013.


[6] Sudipta Bardhan, Hafizur Rahaman, “Modeling and Performance  analysis of 1D CNTFET”,

       National Conference on Advanced Communication Systems and Design  (NCACD) 2012.



Workshops & Seminar:


[1] Seminar on “Compact Modeling”, on Feb 19, 2015 from IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah.


[2] Workshop on “Emerging and Post CMOS Technologies”, on June 16 - 18, 2014

      from IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah.


[3] Short Term Course on “Nanotechnology for Electronic and Photonic Applications”, on

     Oct, 3- 17, 2012, from  IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur.


[4] Workshop on “High Impact Teaching Skills” July 26th -27th , 2010 from  HIT, Haldia.


[5] Training Programme on “MEMS Design Tools” Feb13th -14th , 2010 from  IIT Kharagpur,



[6] Workshop on “MEMS based Accelerotormeter” ,on 12th Feb, 2010 from IIT Kharagpur,



[7] Short Term Course on “III-IV compound Semiconductor Device Technology”, on 23rd

      Feb, to 1st March 2009 from  IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur.