Mr. Dibyendu Chowdhury

Designation : Assistant Professor

Phone No. : 03224-252900 Extn:230
Email :


Contact Details : 

Faculty Room-2, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, ICARE Complex, Hatiberia, Haldia, West Bengal, 721657


M.Tech, MAKAUT [Formerly WBUT]

M.Sc., Vidyasagar University





Other Skills

  • Teaching:  7 years teaching experience
  • Research:  NA
  • Industry:  NA


Course Taught

Odd Semester 2015-16

Solid State Device (EC-302)

Course Home

Solid State Devices Lab (EC-392)

Course Home

Even Semester 2015-16

Digital Electronic & Intrgrated Circuits (EC-402)

Course Home

Digital Electronic & Integrated Circuits Lab (EC-492)

Course Home

Areas of Research

Image Processing using VLSI Architectures




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