Name: Dr. Sucheta Das Maji                                                                                                       

Designation : Assistant Professor

            Mrs. Das Maji  joined this Institute in February, 2010


Mobile No. : +919476329818

Phone No. : +913224 252900; Extn.232
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Contact Details : 

Department of Biotechnology
Haldia Institute of Technology
ICARE Complex, HIT Campus, Haldia, PO-HIT                                                                                  
Dist. PurbaMedinipur, West Bengal, INDIA




Ph.D. (Visva-Bharati University)                            

M.Tech (Jadavpur University)


Microbial Technology, Antimicrobial study, Probiotic study.



Teaching Experience: Since February, 2010 teaches B. Tech and M. Tech students in the Department of Biotechnology, Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia.

Course Taught

Odd Semester 2015-16

BT 703: Food Biotechnology

Course Home

BT 792, Food Biotechnology Lab     Course Home
CH-301, Basic Environmental Biotechnology and Elementary Biology      Course Home

Even Semester 2015-16

BT-602: Immunology

Course Home

BT-692: Immunology Lab     Course Home
CH-401: Basic Environmental Biotechnology and Elementary Biology     Course Home
Areas of Research

§ Therapeutic and probiotic use of Lactic acid bacteria




Refereed Journal Publications:

  1. Das, S and Mandal, N. C. (2009) Assessment of antimicrobial activity of a potent isolate of a lactic acid bacteria, In Advances in Plant Biology (Debidas Bhattacharya Centenary Commemorative volume (eds) Mandal, S and Bhattacharya, S., pp: 347-354.
  2. Das, S. and Mandal, N.C. (2010) Antifungal activity of some food grade lactic acid bacteria. J. Mycopathol. Res. 48 (2): 251-256.
  3. Das, S and Mandal, N. C. (2013) Role of a Lactobacillus species (M8) in food preservation, In“New Horizons in Biotechnology” (DST Sponsored National Seminar), ISBN 978- 81- 927768- 0- 4, p150-156.

4.   Das, S, Chatterjee, S and Mandal, N.C. (2014) Enhanced antibacterial potential of ethanolic extracts of neem leaf (Azadiracta indica A. Juss.) upon combination with bacteriocin.  Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci 3(9): 617-621.


Refereed Conference Publications:

1.      Presented a paper titled ”Production and partial characterization of bacteriocin from Pediococcusacidilactici LAB001” in the International Symposium (49th annual conference of Association of Microbiologists of India) on “Microbial Biotechnology: Diversity, Genomics and Metagenomics” held from 18th to 20th November, 2008, at University of Delhi, Delhi.

2.      Presented a poster titled “Screening of some plant extracts for development of new antimicrobial agents” in the 100th Indian Science Congress, held from 3rd to 7th January, 2013, at Calcutta University, Kolkata.

3.      Presented a poster titled “Probiotic activity of LAB” at 56th Annual Conference of AMI & International Symposium on “Emerging Discoveries in Microbiology” held from 8th to 11th November, 2015 at JNU, Delhi.