Name: Dr. Shamba Chatterjee                                                                                                     

Designation : Assistant Professor


        Dr. Chatterjee joined this Institute in July, 2010


Mobile No. : +9191634 10939

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Department of Biotechnology
Haldia Institute of Technology
ICARE Complex, HIT Campus, Haldia, PO-HIT                                                                                  
Dist. PurbaMedinipur, West Bengal, INDIA




Post Doctoral  (SNU, Republic of Korea)

Ph.D (Engg.) (IIT Roorkee)                            

M.Tech (Jadavpur University)


Animal Cell Culture & Bioassay, Environmental Biotechnology & Cancer Biology.



Teaching Experience: Since July, 2010 teaches B. Tech and M. Tech students in the Department of Biotechnology, Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia.

Course Taught

Odd Semester 2015-16

BT-702: Animal Cell Culture & Animal Biotechnology

Course Home

CH-301 (CSE): Basic Environmental Engineering and Elementary Biology     Course Home

CH-301 (ME): Basic Environmental Engineering and Elementary Biology

     Course Home

ChE-792A (Chemical Engg.): Biotechnology Laboratory

Course Home

Even Semester 2015-16

MBT-215A: Animal Cell Culture & its Applications

Course Home

MBT-292C: Animal Cell Culture Lab     Course Home
BT-802A: Renewable Energy Technology     Course Home

CH-401 (EE): Basic Environmental Engineering and Elementary Biology

Course Home

Areas of Research

§  Animal Cell Culture & Bioassay, Environmental Biotechnology  & Cancer Biology.


Books/Book Chapter:

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Refereed Journal Publications:

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Refereed Conference Publications:

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