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Department of Electrical Engineering

(Under the School of Engineering)

Name of Dean : Prof.(Dr.)Tarun Kanti Jana

Head of The Department Prof.(Dr.)Dilip Kumar Dey
Phone: +919434160213
E-mail: dilip_de@rediffmail.com

Courses Offered

Course Seats Duration
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 120 4 Years


To be a front runner in Electrical Engineering education, research and profession and will facilitate the growth of Electrical Engineering  graduates with dynamic capabilities of accepting new challenges


M1- The primary mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to produce quality human resource with capacity to serve the fraternity in a wide variety of roles including science, engineering, teaching, research, entrepreneurship and management.

M2-Putting emphasis on areas such as communication skills, professional and ethical responsibility, lifelong learning and contemporary issues to complement the technical aspects of the engineering course.

M3- To ensure combination of engineering and complementary course works in the curriculum so that Electrical Engineering graduates are well-rounded, able to work effectively in team settings and able to adapt to different work environments.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

 PEO 1: To provide technical knowledge, skill and competence to identify, comprehend and solve problem in industry, research and academics related to Electrical Engineering and related disciplines.

PEO 2: To prepare the students to successfully work in various public and private sector organizations, at regional, state, national and international levels, with professional competence and ethical administrative acumen.

PEO 3: To frame the students to improve their technical and intellectual capabilities through life-long learning process, which may include professional career and/or postgraduate education, for successful adaptation to technological and cultural changes and to foster adept functioning in society.

PEO 4: They will be able to work as an individual, as a team leader or as a member of a team in multicultural global environment.

PEO 5: Fulfill the needs of society in solving technical problems using engineering principles, tools and practices, in an ethical and responsible manner.